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Ali 2. Crinum is a genus of about species belonging to family Amaryllidaceae with wide geographical distribution throughout the tropics, subtropics and warm temperate regions of the world. These plants are not only showy ornamentals but they possess significant folkloric and commercial reputation as well. Long ago, Crinums have been subjected to extensive chemical, cytological and pharmacological investigations.

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Phytochemical investigations have resulted in isolation of several diverse classes of phytocompounds and have been focused predominantly on alkaloids. The present part of our review work about the phytochemical, biological and toxicological studies on Crinums summarizes crinine-type alkaloids isolated up to now as well as their structural and stereochemical differences, in addition to their distribution in different Crinum species.

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African lands enjoy most species and about twenty-two are endemic to Southern Africa 1. Amaryllidaceae species are considered an exclusive source of Amaryllidaceae alkaloids that possess wide range of interesting biological activities. Besides their popularity as ornamental plants with beautiful and elegant flowers, they possess different interesting medicinal effects such as analgesic, immunostimulating, antineoplastic, antiviral and antimicrobial effects.

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  4. Since about s, Crinums have been subjected to extensive chemical and biological investigations due to their richness in pharmacologically active principles, especially alkaloids 2. Therefore, as a part of our ongoing comprehensive review work on various classes of Crinum alkaloidal and non-alkaloidal constituents as well as their biological activities, the present part of our work reviews crinine-type alkaloids isolated from Crinums in addition to their structural and stereochemical differences as the most common type among Crinum alkaloids.

    Additionally, their distribution in various species studied so far is also completely considered out of around species, only about thirty-five have been phytochemically investigated 3.

    1. Introduction

    Crinine-type alkaloids : Phytochemical investigations of different plant parts of many Crinum species have yielded a large number of alkaloids belonging to the 5, 10b-ethanophenanthridine nucleus crinine-type Table 1 and Figure 2. Whole plant 10 13 3,4-Anhydropowelline. Bulbs 8 14 Augustine. Leaves 8 16 Bowdensine. Bulbs 7 17 Bulbisine. Bulbs 8 18 Bulbispermine. Bulbs 22 — -Buphanisine. LeavesBulbs 88 26 Crinafolidine.

    Physical and Chemical Properties of Alkaloids (Alkaloid Part-2) Hindi

    Fruits 42 28 Crinalbine. Bulbs 8 42 Crinisine. BulbsBulbs 45 4a-Dehydroxy-crinamabine. Bulbs 60 51 Dihydro-oxo-demethoxy-haemanthamine. Bulbs 27 62 Hamayne. Bulbs 6 70 — - Powellamine. Bulbs 35 80 Yemenine B. Bulbs 35 81 Yemenine C.

    The Alkaloids: Chemistry and Pharmacology, Volume 34 - 1st Edition

    Bulbs As an endless source of bioactive principles, the extensive survey of literature presents crinine-type alkaloids as the major class within the isolated Crinum chemical constituents and about 81 bases belonging to this alkaloidal type were isolated and identified. Moreover, the unstudied species are still calling for phytochemical investigations that will add new members of these important bases. Crinum alkaloids: Crinine-Type Alkaloids.

    Int J Pharm Sci Res.

    Article Information Sr No: Download: Cited By: Kamel , Mahmoud A. Ramadan and Ahmed A. Published: 01 September, BulbsWhole plant Whole plant Bulbs 34 35 19 Buphanidrine. Jagus Dandy C. Annals of Missouri Botanical Garden ; — Edited by R. VI, Part I. Crinum alkaloids: Lycorine-type alkaloids. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research ; 3 7 : Pharmaceutical Research ; 2 5 — Journal of Natural Products ; 74 3 — Phytochemistry ; 25 10 — Chemical Pharmaceutical Bulletin ; — Ramadan MA: Phytochemical investigation of the minor alkaloids and phenolic compounds of Crinum bulbispermum Milne.

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    7. A Thesis for Ph. Degree submitted to Assiut University, Egypt, Phytochemistry ; 54 8 — Phytochemistry ; 56 6 — Asteraceae , Vernonia cinerea L. Asteraceae and Vernonia colorata Willd Drake Asteraceae. All these plants were found to contain at least trace amount of PAs. The richest species were H. The presence of PAs in the studied plants is an indication of people exposure to probable toxicity. Bioactive Immunomodulatory Fraction from Tridax procumbens.


      Medicinal Plants of Edo State, Nigeria. Research Journal of Phytochemistry, 6: DOI: Full Name:. Online First. Current Issue. Previous Issues. Editorial Board. Submit a Manuscript.